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How to Begin Dancing with Us

Congratulations on taking the first "step" to begin dancing at a Planet Ballroom Dance Studio! You are about to begin an exciting and life changing journey that will bring you many good times and benefits. New students of Planet Ballroom often find that their initial nervousness quickly fades once they step foot into one of our beautiful dance studios! It's our goal to make you feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as possible. Planet Ballroom has its own unique culture and we strive to help you understand and become oriented with your studio and the lessons you will be taking.

It's easy to begin taking lessons at a Planet Ballroom Dance Studio! Your first step is to schedule a complimentary personal tour and orientation session with one of our professional dance teachers. Our award-winning customer service desk handles the scheduling for all three Charlotte area Planet Ballroom locations and is open Monday through Saturday from 9am - 9pm. Feel free to call us during those hours to schedule your orientation or to ask any questions you may have. Our award-winning customer service desk can be reached at (704) 841-0800. We're excited that you will soon be joining us!


"This is just a GREAT experience and I would encourage anyone who is remotely considering dance lessons to give Planet Ballroom a call and try it out. You won't regret it! I promise!" – Tony & Emily

"I had thought about taking ballroom dancing lessons for years yet I was unsure about how to find a quality studio. Before I called to schedule my initial appointment I almost talked myself out of it thinking that I was too old to learn to dance or that I needed to be part of a couple. As soon as I walked into Planet Ballroom Dance Studio I knew I had found the perfect environment in which to pursue ballroom dancing lessons..." - Linda


To begin your Planet Ballroom dance journey, please call our award-winning customer service desk at (704) 841-0800 to schedule a complimentary personal tour and orientation with one of our professional dance teachers!

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