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Tango is a ballroom dance that originated from the more authentic Argentine Tango. Unlike the Argentine Tango which remains in a small area, the ballroom versions of Tango travel around the dance floor much like the Waltz and Foxtrot. Tango is dramatic, yet beautiful! The International Tango is danced in closed dance position, while the American Tango changes between closed dance position and open hand holds.


Foxtrot is a slow ballroom dance that is characterized by long, smooth, continuous movements. It’s commonly danced to slow big band or jazz music. Its basic dance steps are easy to learn and provide the foundation for social dancing. In the American style of dance, Foxtrot is danced both in closed dance position as well as in open hand holds. In the International style of dance, Foxtrot remains in closed dance position.


The Quickstep is a fun and energetic Ballroom dance that is often described as a fast version of the Foxtrot. It is danced to fast Big Band music and contains a variety of trots, flicks, jumps and locks that the couple performs while in a formal dance position! Quickstep is at home on large competitive dance floors, but can be scaled down to fit in some social settings.


The elegant and graceful Viennese Waltz is the faster version of the Waltz and was popularized by the music of Johann Strauss and the famous ballrooms of Vienna. In the International version, the Viennese Waltz only contains a few simple figures that demand a very high degree of technical skill. The American version of the dance includes a much greater range of variety and movement.


The Waltz is one of the earliest dances, originating in the 1700’s. It is danced to any music written in ¾ timing from slow classical to modern ballads to country music. Waltz dancers develop poise and control by learning rise and fall, the dance technique that create an elegant and graceful look on the dance floor. Similar to the Foxtrot, this dance remains in closed dance position in International style and can vary between closed dance position and open hand holds in American style.

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